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ursa supports home-based education families that want fully teacher directed programming, support in specific subject areas, as well as fully parent directed programming.

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 We offer a constellation of choice for your shining star

Our innovative approach to education helps students succeed through  elementary, junior high, senior high, and beyond.  We recognize that the individual circumstances of learners vary greatly and, accordingly, ursa offers maximum flexibility to meet the needs of our students and their families. Through one of our four programming choices, ursa will help your shining star succeed.


“My child has been taking grade 6 teacher-led Math, ELA and Science classes as part of ursa Shared. The classes are engaging, fun and provide opportunities for both academic and social growth. As a family we really appreciate that most work gets done during class time. Overall, it has been an enjoyable experience that helped our child’s confidence and knowledge grow. ”

L.D. Parent of Grade 6 Student, 2021-2022


“From the beginning of our parent directed homeschool journey, ursa and it’s resourceful, highly supportive, and generally wonderful facilitator, have provided us with solid, kind and knowledgeable support. Our approach to educating our kids has always been accepted, questions or concerns have been promptly answered, and discussions have been enlightening with ursa.”

Ahmed Family Parents of Grade 1 and Grade 4 Students, 2021-2022


Our daughter had a fun year homeschooling with ursa. She enjoys visiting and learning with her peers and teachers online and still has the flexibility of at home learning with me. Any struggles along the way have been addressed and supported quickly by her amazing teachers! As a parent I’ve really appreciated the support, and the ability to still homeschool with the knowledge that her online classes are teaching her subjects I’m not comfortable teaching now that she’s older. As a family, ursa has been a great fit for us this year!

Anonymous Parent, 2021-2022


“We have been doing homeschool, parent directed with ursa for three years and it has been so great! Our HEM has always been very helpful anytime we run into problems. Registration has also been a breeze and if there are any issues, the staff if very quick to help. I would definitely recommend ursa to anyone looking for a great solution to homeschooling.”

Melissa Parent of Grade 3 Student, 2021-2022


“Our family has been so happy with our experience with the ursa shared program. My children have found the online classes to be both interactive and engaging and I have been impressed with the level of care and commitment shown by teachers.

A.S. Parent, 2021-2022


“The ursa program has empowered me and given me back my sense of parental agency. After many years in traditional secular systems where decisions were made against my wishes or without my consideration, I felt totally disempowered as a parent to support my child in the ways she needed.

The ursa program changed this. With the guidance of my amazingly supportive home education manager, I was able to create a plan and a developmentally appropriate program that met my daughter where she was at; to enable her growth, confidence and skill development.

Thanks to ursa, I was given back my voice and choice in my child’s education and development, and my advocacy no longer falls on deaf ears.”

K.C. Parent of Grade 10 Student, 2021-2022


“I wanted to let you know that in all our years of homeschooling, which is 8 including this year, so 16 home visits….today was the BEST home visit we have ever had. Thank you for taking such an interest in what [my son] has been doing and what he is working on. He had a big smile on his face and is quite proud of himself. It’s easy to forget all his accomplishments and hard work when he is in the thick of things and trying to finish up the year. He has also been really thinking hard on how you did that card trick!”

“We appreciate the ability to pursue our children’s learning path in a way that fits their individual needs. Our years with our Home Education Manager have been very enjoyable. We have a lot in common, and she really understands what our family is doing. We are leaving, only because we are moving out of province, and we dearly wish we could pack our HEM in our suitcase and take her along, too. Thank you for all you’ve done for us over the years.”

“This is the first school we have attended, that have ‘truly’ put our children’s needs first and we are very grateful for that. Our home education manager Cindy Schnee has been a great help to us and we enjoy her visits. Not forgetting the principal who never fails to make time for us in their extremely busy schedule!”  

“It has been “Home Education my child’s way” times seven and each child literally needed a different approach. I have considered myself blessed that I have been able to facilitated my children’s learning with the freedom and flexibility my family needed yet also always received the support I needed. From 100% life learning to life learning till high school and several other approaches that included online classes, our family is now raising a couple of home learners with special needs and we are confident that we will continue to receive whatever support we need. I love how my children have been celebrated and cheered on by their facilitator during the home visits. I now have a graduate from SAIT, another adult child with a career in youth work and another one who was accepted into University after a life of self directed learning at home. Having had a supportive learning environment with a Home Education Program and facilitators that understand what we are doing, has been crucial to my success with my children!”

“I am so happy with my experience. I have been a part of this program for 3 years going on four years. The principal and our Home Education Manager have been super amazing, supporting my girls and I to have our own journey in teaching what is relevant and important for our family. I have never felt pressured or felt I needed to conform to something or someone. They are there to support one individually in whatever it is that you need. Thank you and I am looking forward to a continued warm, caring relationship with you in the future years.”

“You folks are AMAZING! Where have you been all our homeschool journey? I wish I had heard of you folks sooner… It would have made […..]’s high school so much more pleasant. Super thankful for y’all now.”

“I need to thank you for taking [my son] on. We met with Cindy today & what a fit! …. Incredible! Cindy left [my son] feeling good (& not like a loser) for the schooling he needs to finish & graduate…& found a way to reduce his course load….. Cindy explained why that heavy course load was not needed & praised him for the classes he had already done…& for his good grades. I haven’t seen him smile about school in a year, so it was wonderful to see him respond so well to Cindy.

Bottom line? She gave him hope! He completed the self-directed plan already (on his own within an hour of her being here) & was ready to submit it to her. She added in work experience & he is thrilled. He told me he liked Cindy & felt he could work with her, instead of being “told” by [another home school provider], beaten down with a huge course load – & receive no willingness to work with him & treat him well. Teens resist being dictated too & prefer feeling empowered & having a say in things. I was so thankful she was so kind to him & he was ready to run with it.

I was panicked I had gotten him this far as an HS-er & to have him miss graduating with 9 credits short! Now I feel relieved & thankful. He will make it!

I must say I have found this school extremely supportive…Thank you ?