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Parent Directed Resources

ursa Parent Directed home education:

  • ECS & grades 1-12,
  • delivered under the Home Education Regulations
  • offers support from knowledgeable and professional Home Education Managers (HEM)
  • all HEMs have homeschooled their own children. Some have been homeschooled themselves.
  • HEMs visit virtually twice a year and are available at other times through email and phone.
  • HEMs work with your family, supporting learning, throughout your child’s entire home education journey
  • students are encouraged to explore their interests using a variety of resources and community opportunities
High school enrolment chart for ursa

High School Pathways

ursa students have several different options for approaching the high school years. High school plans vary widely between students with different post-secondary or career goals. Some students choose to pursue a full Alberta High School diploma, while others only earn credits in some courses. Others forgo earning credits as they follow their interests and work toward their goals in other ways.

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Funding and Resource Claims

Standards for home education reimbursement.

ursa Parent Directed

  • Grades 1-12 students access to $901.00
  • ECS students access to $450.50
  • Eligible expenses found (home ed document)
  • Receipts required

ursa Shared

  • Access to an amount based on their parent-directed percentage, E.g. grade 1 student is 45% teacher-directed (ELA and Math), 55% parent-directed, student will receive 55% x base funding towards all subjects except ELA and Math
  • May only be put towards parent-directed subjects
  • eligible expenses found (home ed document)
  • Receipts required