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erin marceau
Erin Marceau
Home Education Manager
Erin is a Home Education Manager with ursa. She completed her Bachelor of Education Degree from Campus Saint Jean, University of Alberta in 2006. While attending the U of A Erin was awarded a bursary that allowed her to complete her French language requirements at the Université de Moncton in New Brunswick. In 2006, she began her teaching career at Archbishop MacDonald High School in Edmonton and later moved to Calgary, and taught at Foothills Composite High School in Okotoks, where she grew up. Once she became a mom she started teaching Math courses in the evenings at Bow Valley Collage and began her own tutoring business. Erin has been teaching for 15 years now and continues to love teaching Math and French. Erin joined Third Academy in 2020, excited to both work and teach in the homeschool world. Erin was drawn to homeschooling due to her belief in the power of students actively constructing and enjoying their own learning experiences. She loves the flexibility of homeschooling as well as the time she gets to spend with her children. Erin is extremely passionate about life-long learning and the joy of never-ending discovery. She is also a compassionate parent who believes in supporting choice and flexibility for parents who are doing everything they can to help their children find their own path to success. Erin looks forward to visiting with her students and celebrating with them. She enjoys hearing about their successes as well as their challenges and finds their strength and perseverance to be extraordinarily inspiring.

Erin has been a Foster parent with the Calgary Humane Society for over 4 years, and she is proud to have helped hundreds of animals. Erin loves to flex the power of her curiosity by constantly exploring new interests such as woodworking, gardening, soap making, surfing, painting, sustainability and so much more. She loves to explore books, play games with friends and family, and go on as many adventures as possible.