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thera mackinnon
Thera MacKinnon
Thera graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta where she majored in English and minored in Art.

After earning her degree, she began her teaching career in New York City. She was privileged to work with students in 6th through 8th grade in English Language Arts in an inner city public school. Her time in New York provided her with the opportunity to develop her teaching practice with a wide variety of learners. While working in New York, Thera earned her Masters of Education degree with a focus on Curriculum Design and Instruction. She focused primarily on using educational research to help solve problems within classroom situations.

Following her time in New York, Thera moved back to Calgary where she taught for eight years at Calgary Academy, a school specializing in learning challenges and learning disabilities. During her tenure, Thera taught primarily English and Social Students to students 5th through 9th grade. She was fortunate to attend a wide variety of professional development in reading and writing strategies for a wide variety of learners. Thera had the opportunity to develop her leadership skills as she prepared and led professional development both to the fellow staff at her school and in the United States on reading strategies and remedial interventions.

In 2017, Thera moved to the Dominican Republic to be with her husband. Before moving to the Dominican Republic, Thera taught at an online school teaching English to 10th through 12th grade. While at the online school, she developed her teaching practice in terms of technology, working with a wider variety of learners all over the world, and curriculum design. While in the Dominican Republic, Thera worked as the Reading Specialist for the Elementary students and taught English and ESL to grades 6 through 10.

Thera joined Third Schools in 2020, working with students both in URSA/Lynx and at Third Academy. This year she has taken on the role of Associate Principal of URSA International. She is very happy to be challenged in her new role while also working closely with students in her classes.

Thera was born in Calgary and grew up in rural Alberta. Throughout her travels she is thankful to be back in this beautiful country. In her spare time, Thera draws, paints, and trains and competes in the equestrian discipline of dressage. Being outside interacting with nature is one of her favourite things.